Black Dawn and The Crescent

After all the twists and turns, ups and downs that we have lived through as years rolled by I never thought that there would be a day when Wrath and I put our musical partnership to a shelf. The decision was a moment of both great sadness and great relief. However, this was something that had to be done at this stage to ensure the continued productive musical careers of both parties. I can assure you all that both Wrath with True Black Dawn and I with the remaining members of Enochian Crescent, now known as The Crescent, shall outpour new music with newfound vigour and intensity.

When we founded Enochian Crescent in 1995, Wrath and I made a pact that should either quit the band we would put the name to rest also. As a man of my words I shall honour this agreement. The remaining members (Bolton - drums, Tunturituuli - bass, Vilhelm - guitar, and Viktor - guitar, vocals) shall continue the musical legacy of Enochian Crescent and you will be hearing songs from the old albums in the live-set. We recruited Hellwind Tuonenjoki as our new lead vocalist, who is already singing on the upcoming The Crescent album "Risti" (transl. Cross) which shall be released by Spinefarm Records in early 2013.

The remaining band members wish Wrath all the best in the future and I personally want to thank my long standing Omega Comrade and friend for all these years. He is a man with unique vocal talent and personality to match in this world of mediocrity.

Even though these news might shock and upset some, worry not; it was all for the best. And you may enjoy both the voice of Wrath and the music of Enochian Crescent in near future.


Viktor / The Crescent

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The Crescent gigs:

15.02.2013, Klubi, Turku, 15e/17e, 18yrs
1.3.2013 Nosturi, Helsinki 12e/15e, all ages
24.05.2013, Steelfest, Hyvinkää, 18yrs

21.12.2012, Nosturi, Helsinki, 16e/18e, all ages

Tuhkaa / Käärmen polulla single (2012):


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NEF.VI.LIM (2010):

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Hammer of Hate


Black Church (2006):

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Past gigs as Enochian Crescent:

10.08.2012 Simerock
15.07.2012 Ilosaarirock
19.05.2012 Steelfest, Hyvinkää, 35-55e
02.12.2011 Klubi, Turku, K18, 20e
04.03.2011 Nosturi, Helsinki, all ages, 20e
22.05.2010 Black Metal Terror, Klubi, Tampere, K18 15e
29.05.2010 Lutakko, Jyväskylä, all ages, 7e / 8e
11.06.2010 Hammer Open Air, Lieto, all ages
26.06.2010 Nummirock, Kauhajoki, all ages
16.07.2010 Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu, K18
17.07.2010 Simerock, Rovaniemi, all ages
27.08.2010 Art Goes Kapakka, Manala, Helsinki, K18, free entré
18.09.2010 Kuolemankorjuu, Rytmi-Katti, Kouvola, K18, 9e
01.10.2010 Metalheim Festival, Nosturi, Helsinki, all ages, 25e
02.10.2010 Metalheim Festival, Teatria, Oulu, 25e





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